Who We Are

Welcome to Blissful Bootique! My name is Shaena, the founder and owner of Blissful Bootique. I'm a young entrepreneur with a passion for style, quality, comfort and I've always adored babies because aren't they just the cutest?! Having a business has always been a dream of mine and there's nothing I'd rather do than find the most adorable and exclusive items for your little boos! The purpose of Blissful Bootique is to combine quality + functionality + affordability + fashion + luxury for precious babies as we believe they always deserve the best. 

Blissful Bootique is a sophisticated boutique store offering luxury products at an affordable price. Our intent is to carefully hand select designers from all over the world that we love to ensure the highest quality and style. Each one of our items are unique and one of a kind as we always strive to choose products that are exclusive. Most importantly, we focus on good quality that is durable and can be passed down to siblings, family and/or friends. 

Our exciting endeavours and accomplishments are all thanks to you! Your feedback is highly encouraged and very much appreciated. We always love to hear from our amazing customers to ensure we always provide the best customer experience possible! 

As a company, we’re constantly expanding and trying new things! Thank you for a memorable and successful journey so far! There is nothing we love more than seeing your precious little ones in our items and enjoying our beautiful designs! 


Owner/ Shaena S

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