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Blissful Bootique

Violet Photography Set

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It's all about capturing those special milestones of precious little ones to treasure forever! After all, it doesn’t take much for your baby to look adorable.

These are our Best Sellers and a perfect gift for expecting moms or mamas with little ones! (Baby Showers, Birthdays, Christmas, Baptisms, Communion etc.) We know photography can be expensive so why not do it yourself with our beautiful and unique photography set for newborns (0-12months). Perfect for photo sessions and capturing professional photos of your precious little ones. A unique feature is you can take the pictures send them to and we will edit them for FREE! All you have to do is wait for the amazing results!

To ensure the best pictures of your little boos:

  1. Use a good quality camera
  2. Place a white sheet under the mat 
  3. Try to keep the little ones fully on the mat
  4. Try to get some good lighting! 


  • Purple butterflies 
  • Monthly Stickers (0-12Months)
  • Cute pink skirt and headband 
  • Luxurious round white faux fur mat (35") (Luxurious fur mat can be used as a decoration by your babies crib)
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